2 Manage Vets- Debbie Boone

Debbie Boone, BS, CCS, CVPMDebbie Boone is a passionate champion for animal health and well-being.  She holds a degree in Animal Science from NC State University with her original plan to go to veterinary school.  Instead she moved toward the business side of animal health.  Her experience includes 23 years of direct day to day veterinary management experience with small animal, mixed animal, specialty, emergency practices and shelter management.  Her firm belief is that clients love their pets like family and by teaching veterinary teams better people skills all the patients in their care will receive better medical and preventive services.  She opened her veterinary consulting practice, 2 Manage Vets in 2008. She considers her job as a consultant to be more of a coaching involvement with long term encouragement than a dumping of information and then deserting the team with no implementation support.  In fact her logo acknowledges all the “balls in the air” a practice owner needs to be2 Manage Vets logo monitoring and the “2” is the partnership between consultant and client.   She travels all over the United States working privately with veterinary hospitals who want to improve their business and develop their team.  She has authored many articles and is a nationally invited speaker, focusing on topics of team development, leadership, communication and client care.  

 Debbie’s style as a trainer is to bring pertinent real life stories to her students while showing them the importance of their job as patient advocates. This entertain and educate approach leads to inspired students and a message that “sticks.” As a Patterson Veterinary University Communication and Customer Service instructor she has taught more than 8000+ team members while also listening to and helping them overcome their daily challenges.  Debbie’s mission is to “help change owners into leaders, employees into champions and patients into PURPOSE”. She is focused on developing extraordinary team communication skills thus enhancing patient care. She was a member of the task force charged with developing the new “Veterinary Practice Management Essentials” checklist. She is the co-author of “The Veterinarian’s Guide to Healthy Pet Plans—How to Design and Implement Successful Preventive Care Plans” .She is certified in customer service (CCS) and is one of only 350 Certified Veterinary Practice Managers (CVPM) in the country.


2 Manage Vets
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