About Us

Piedmont North CarolinaPiedmont Business Live is an online show that spotlights successful businesses in the Piedmont that have had a positive impact on the region. We do this through video interviews that explore their history, philosophy, vision and uniqueness of their product or service.

There are hundreds of businesses in the Piedmont that many people have never heard of. They are run by hard-working people who add value to our quality of life here every day. Regardless of their size, products they create or services they provide, there is much we can learn from all of them. By sharing their stories, we hope everyone can benefit from their knowledge and insights, and that’s always good for business!

We believe our show is a very unique and innovative way of giving back to the business community while helping to further strengthen it at the same time.  We welcome your input and hope that Piedmont Business Live will become a valuable resource for your business.

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