Armored Self Defense- Connie Chesner

Armored Self DefenseArmored Self Defense works on-site at organizations providing enhanced team building, preparedness, and communication experiences through a platform of self-defense training. Their team brings together the best of psychology and practical world application to transform organizations and individuals in dynamic ways. Every experience is unique and like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Participants are blown away with the skills, excitement, fun, and engagement they experience and the most frequent request is for longer sessions and additional opportunities to experience the Armored Self Defense system in action. Armored Self Defense works with organizations throughout the Southeast, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic regions and is open to opportunities in other areas.

The team’s core motivation lies in improving the lives of individuals and organizations through instilling confidence, stronger communication, awareness and life skills. Services fall into five core categories including: Interactive Team Building sessions, Interactive Active Shooter Defense training, Self Defense sessions, Lunch/Learn sessions, and Semi-Private Ongoing Training sessions.ASD Training

All self-defense skills are based on an advanced level of Krav Maga, a hand-to-hand combat methodology developed for use by the Israeli army that is based on a foundation of natural body movements. Their instructors, and the Warrior system under which they train, is ever-evolving and advancing to provide the very latest in simplicity and practicality to skills so that they work for every person. Armored Self Defense combines this world-class self-defense methodology with a deep understanding of human motivations, psychology, and communication, raising learning to dynamic levels in unexpected and powerful ways.

The best way to explore how Armored Self Defense’s services can enhance your world starts with sharing a cup of coffee or connecting via a phone call to understand what most intrigued you about their services and then working to custom design a way you can work together to mutually beneficial goals.

Connie Chesner and Travis Cook
Armored Self Defense