Charlie’s Soap- Taylor Sutherland


Sutherland FamilyTaylor Sutherland is a graduate of Clemson University (MS, Physics, ’93) and Appalachian State University (MBA, ’99). He likes to say that the former taught him how the world worked, while the latter taught him how the world WORKED. He lives in Madison, NC with his wife. His hobbies include singing, flying and keeping the yard semi respectable.

Being the oldest son and namesake of the Charlie in “Charlie’s Soap,” he has technically been involved with the company since its inception in 1976, but he didn’t officially join the force until June of 2001. At that time, he told his dad (Charlie, Jr.) that he would work in any capacity he saw fit to place Taylor, but he wouldn’t make the soap, or bottle it, or box it. Charlie's SoapHe said, “Give me a computer and a phone, and let me work.” He did just that: bookkeeping, logistics, promotions, advertising, merchandising, selling, and web design. Not until a few years later when his two brothers joined in did he divest himself of the whirlwind and settle on sales as his primary function. That is what he does to this day: sales and marketing. He has been at this post since 2007.


Charlie’s Soap
Mayodan, NC