Eagle Resourcing Networks- Kurt Storm


ERN LogoKurt is a father of three and a lifelong business person with experience in the healthcare industry and financial services from 1994-2013. Eagle Resourcing Networks is Kurt’s passion, wanting to give business owners entrepreneurs, career professionals and people in transition a clear path to success and ending the frustrations they experience. He believes partnerships today will define success over the next decade and those businesses 100% focused on consumers will have the advantage.

FamousKurt developed Eagle to form business development teams across America, coach them with a “congruence mindset,” end marketing struggles and form local, regional and national partnerships. Eagle will make members a little bit famous, raise revenue and make companies better for the benefit of the community and consumers.

Kurt A. Storm
Founder/Owner – Eagle Resourcing Networks
America’s “Congruence Coach” for better families and better business