Indoor Pollution Solutions- Glen Coleman

Glen ColemanEveryone deserves help from a qualified person for their indoor pollution problems. Glen Coleman has a passion for dirty air. Would you call a surgeon for a splinter? Glen’s business is urgent care for mold, staffed by mold specialists.

For the past eight years, Glen has investigated and solved hundreds of indoor pollution problems for residential, commercial and industrial clients, across the country. Previously, Glen was a staff sergeant in the US Army for nine years, a master manufactured housing technician and a certified industrial maintenance technician.

Glen has the personal training and experience to repair every part of a building from the roof to the parking lot. His many clients benefit from his knowledge because in order to help more people, he refers the repair work to younger folks.

MoldFrom mold to meth labs, from asthma to allergies, Glen will recommend the best solution to every unique problem – for each individual. Glen’s decades of training and hands-on experience in building science and maintenance make his clients satisfied every time.



Glen Coleman
Indoor Pollution Solutions