Mack Arrington, PCC- Executive and Life Coach



Mack ArringtonMack Arrington began his private practice as a coach in 2001. He has helped people improve leadership, increase sales, find the perfect job, save their careers, get organized, stop wasting their time and resources, focus on what really matters, and bring more balance into their lives at work and at home.

His background covers a variety of experience in business, sales, advertising, and creative and technical areas. He has been a faculty member of CoachU, a globally recognized and certified coach training organization, since 2009.

In 2007, he received his Professional Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation and is the first of only two internationally board-certified PCC coaches in Guilford County.

Be differentHe graduated from UNCG in 1979 with a BA in Psychology and in 1982 with a Masters in Interpersonal Communication. He has been a certified Behavioral Analyst and Values Analyst since 2002 and provides personality testing and assessment services for hiring, team building and executive development.


In 2013, Mack self-published his book titled Work As Worship as a guide to practicing your faith amidst the diversity of the workplace. Mack co-authored a 12-module series on Master Transformational Coaching to introduce and train people for “futures thinking and action” as part of preparing leaders for a complex and rapidly changing future that is already upon us.


Mack Arrington

Mack also plays banjo and guitar in a bluegrass band called Sweetwater—available for pigpickin’s, parties, receptions and other occasions where award-winning music is appreciated.




Mack Arrington, PCC
ICF Certified Executive and Life Coach