Omnia Search- Justin Stalek

Justin StalekJustin Stalek started Omnia Search five years ago when he saw a need, especially in collegiate hires, for finding better candidates for leadership positions.   Hiring great people is not just about finding candidates with great resumes, it is about finding candidates who fit your organization’s cultures and values.  Mr. Stalek brought metric assessment based hiring to the collegiate marketplace and does the same for their private practice. 

Omnia SearchJustin started in the power tool industry in sales and then went on to several venture capital backed organizations to help turn around and grow sales organizations.  His experience brought him into many industries, including hardware, consumer goods, office, industrial, MRO, defense and academia.  

Omnia Search is a specialized search and consulting firm dedicated to the needs of colleges, military/government, non-profit and the corporate world.  They have recently developed a new set of staff development tools that allow you to see the talent from within your organization.  Unlike many search firms who tend to bring just a list of candidates, Omnia Search customizes each search to make sure you get the right fit and help your organization from the inside as well. They are one of the first firms to use metric-based technology to find the right fit for your organization.  Their mission is to focus on the needs of the universities, military acquisition, LE and the business world.  They are a proud member of the NPA Worldwide recruiting network.  With the power of their network, Omnia Search can supply you with the leadership talent you need, worldwide.  They have the reach that you are looking for.  From head coaches to ADs to CEOs, they bring their passion for college athletics, the military and business to serve however you see them as a fit for your needs.

Justin Stalek, President
Office: (866) 239-4538 ext. 101