Pelotonics Resource Team- Doug Heckinger


Doug HeckingerPelotonix Resource Team equips CPA firms to gain their lives back while making them irreplaceable to their clients by using what they call a “Team Based Model.” A common myth among successful CPA firms is that “long hours are just par for the course. They’re unavoidable.” However, PRT’s myth-busting strategies actually allow you to never miss:

  • another one of your son’s ball games because you were “at the office”…OR
  • never miss another tea time, and they’re not talking the golf kind, but the TEA kind with that bright-eyed little princess of yours.

PelotonicsThat’s where Pelotonics comes in. Doug talked to Piedmont Business Live recently and told us how he partners with CPA firms, ideally with 3-9 CPAs.
Doug Heckinger has over 25 years of professional benefits consulting experience and has been the owner/operator of Heckinger & Associates since the 1990s. He co-founded Pelotonics Resource Team in 2015. He loves to help CPAs gain back the time they’ve lost on transactional work by refocusing on value-based billing methods to increase their importance to their clients, with the goal of becoming irreplaceable to their best clients.

Doug Heckinger
Pelotonics Research Team
109 Muirs Chapel Rd.
Greensboro, NC