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PHCA was founded in 1991 to combine the latest home-testing technologies with screening expertise in order to organize and coordinate wellness-screening programs and health fairs.

PHCA LogoThe workplace has become an increasingly important site for disseminating health information and for implementing activities to promote wellness, including those directed at the early detection of GI disease and breast cancer. Staggering costs of medical illness have prompted many companies to initiate workplace cancer screening programs to avoid or reduce these expenditures.

Company Benefits Associated with Cancer Prevention and Early Detection:

  • Early treatment and better prognosis of disease 
  • Improved overall health of employees 
  • Reduced cost to benefit plans 
  • Decreased absenteeism

Subsequent to the campaigns, success stories often surface that depict local participants whose lives were dramatically changed as a result of early detection. Many were unaware that they were sick.

PHCA continues to combine the latest in medical technology with screening expertise in order to underscore our commitment to these life/sight-saving early detection programs.

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