Rain Catchers Global, LLC- Janice Walker


Rain Catchers 1Rain Catchers is directly addressing a solution for affordable power, water and food insecurity, and climate change by harvesting the elements wind, sun and rain. Their global vision is to provide an innovative approach to help solve water crises worldwide. By securing a quality water supply through rain water harvesting and storing that water below ground, the results are an immediate increase in agriculture, and clean water infrastructure sustainability. Their services work for an average homeowner or a corporate complex.

Rain Catchers 2Rain Catchers began as a result of drought conditions and rising utility costs here in the Triad. Rain Catchers CDO Rick Walker has a background in soil science, horticulture, land development and agronomy. All of these use water and pumping systems.

Rain Catchers
5101 Barrow Rd.
Kernersville, NC 27284