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Cindy MondelloRestoration Place Counseling (formerly Restoration Place Ministries) was born in 2005 from the experiences of Founder and Executive Director Cindy Mondello’s recovery from her battle with addiction and an eating disorder. Through her personal journey of restoration, including Christian-based counseling with a caring therapist, she sensed a desire to encourage other women as they dealt with similar issues.

She recognized a growing number of women who needed counseling services and that high cost was a barrier to their receiving care. She established RPC to offer personalized counseling at a significant discount to girls and women in the Piedmont who otherwise couldn’t access or afford private mental health services.
Restoration Place Counseling
Ms. Mondello’s keen perception of the need was validated by the results of a 2010 study, “The State of Mental Health Services in Guilford County.” This study, conducted by Cone Health Foundation in collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Center for Youth, Family and Community Partnerships, found that seventy-three percent (73%) of respondents perceived cost as an extreme barrier to receiving mental health care.

RPC OfficeAt Restoration Place Counseling, clients meet with Licensed Professional Counselors in a beautiful, restorative environment. Based on need and treatment goals, most clients attend sessions weekly for an average of six months to one year.

Cindy Mondello, MA, LPC
Executive Director
Restoration Place Counseling
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