The Borgen Group, LLC- Karl Borgen


The Borgen Group, LLC is an exciting start-up company that has developed a line of indoor window shelves for home Plant One On Usowners, renters, gardeners and pet lovers that are fun and engaging. The company has been founded by Karl Borgen and is registered as a North Carolina LLC Corp. Super Sills will be profitable by the end of the year and will have a steep increase in sales for the first several years.

They are looking for angel investors and a partner to move the company ahead. They are also looking for independent sales reps for hardware stores and pet stores.

Plant One On UsStarted on January 2013, Mr. Borgen believed in making safe and durable products that bring people enjoyment while enhancing their lives. He has been married to his lovely wife, Anya, for 21 years and has two sets of twins, ages 6 and 13. His passion is for his children and his whole being in business; it’s all about them and their future. He wants them to know how to design and build fun stuff that everyone can enjoy and use.

Karl Borgen
The Borgen Group, LLC