Very Personal Sales Coaching- Brian K. McNeill


Brian McNeillFor over 24 years Brian has been engaged in the act and art of helping other people to sell themselves and their services better than they ever have before so that they earn more money than they ever have before. For the first 12 of these 24 years, Brian was the sales manager of a multi-state home improvement company with 17 offices. It was during those years of giving 5 motivational sales meetings a week that Brian honed his skills in selling and teaching sales.

In 1996, Brian wrote “The 22 Must Closes,” 22 ways that salespeople should know how to ask for money. That publication launched Brian as an authority. Thousands of men and women have been wonderfully and powerfully impacted for the rest of their lives by what they have learned from Brian.

In 2006 Brian Launched his own Sales Training Company as “Rhino Sales and Seminars,” and it was in those years from 2006 to 2010 that Brian discovered the secret as to why sales training did not seem to last as long as he would like. The secret is in the personalization of the training and coaching, so in 2010 Brian re-launched his company as Very Personal Sales Coaching. It is Brian’s strong belief that most sales training is ineffective because it is not personalized enough.

Since 2010, thousands have been helped to sell much better than they ever have before, and Brian’s signature workshop “Ten to Win” has been requested over and over again.

As more than 200 written testimonials of Brian’s effectiveness can attest, he can help you to sell your services much better than you ever have before.

Brian’s work has always been motivational and inspirational in nature, so he has willingly shared many motivational messages in schools, churches, and corporate functions.

Brian is the founder of the M.E.N (male empowerment networks) organization. M.E.N is a time and place where men and teenaged men can get together and be transparent and helpful to each other.

Brian’s latest book “The Shortcut” tells how to sell your services better than you ever have before so that you earn more money than ever before. And the children’s book “Why Rhinos make great Salespeople” featuring Mr. Randall the Rhino will be released April 2016.

Brian K McNeill
Very Personal Sales Coaching