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Emily ColeEmily K. Cole is a driven, positive, energetic personality that easily engages with everyone she meets. As the owner of Your Answer, she helps hands-on business owners avoid losing money and time by enabling them to keep their hands and minds on their work rather than on their electronic devices.

Emily utilizes her intimate knowledge of entrepreneurship, business-to-business outside sales, recruiting and marketing for the benefit of her clients and her extensive professional network. Her passion to help business professionals and business owners is unrelenting.

During her tenure as a sales leader of a major corporation, she earned a national 1-3 ranking throughout her career.

As an overview, Emily has been described with the following characteristics.

  • Intelligent: able to absorb new ideas and concepts quickly
  • Passionate: takes on a new challenge 100%
  • Personable: engages fully with others, listens attentively
  • Team-player: seeks to work cooperatively with teams for win-wins
  • Sales savvy: straightforward and solution oriented for customer needs
  • Reliable: meets and exceeds commitments
  • Positive first impression: professional appearance, attentive, engaging

Emily seeks growth and desires associates that push for excellence and have a culture of transparency for open and honest communication.

Emily helps children get the education they need to succeed in life and business by volunteering with the Business Voices team, an initiative of The BNI Foundation.

Emily comes from a rigorously disciplined background as an athlete with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting. She was one of three women in an audition elect graduating class of nine.


Emily Cole
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